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Email, calendar and personal storage

Student work of a pink computer with a gold keyboard.
Web design and digital painting by Ben Sullivan, Summer Show, MA Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital, Camberwell College of Arts. (Credit: Copyright: David Poultney)

Once you have accepted your place on a course, you will be given a 澳门葡京游戏app email address, Office 365 account, integrated calendar, and personal storage.

Graduating this year?

Your access to 澳门葡京游戏app systems, buildings and email account will end once you finish your course. The below shows what stops and when:

30 days after your course ends

  • Your 澳门葡京游戏app ID card stops working - you won’t have access to college buildings.
  • Print credit expires. You cannot get a refund for unused credit, so don't purchase too much.

150 days after your course ends

  • Your 澳门葡京游戏app email and Office 365 accounts deactivate. They cannot be reactivated.
  • Any Microsoft software you’ve installed via Office 365, such as Word etc. expires.
  • Any automatic email forwarding to external email accounts stops.

Make sure you:

  • Forward important emails and attachments to your personal email or backup your emails.
  • Save contacts from your Office 365 account.
  • Use your personal email address for CVs, your portfolio and job applications.
  • Save any important files from Moodle and OneDrive.


Use your 澳门葡京游戏app credentials to log into Outlook via Office 365. You can also set up your email on your own device using the guides below:

You must comply with the 澳门葡京游戏app Use of Email Facilities code of conduct. It is against 澳门葡京游戏app policy to send spam and junk mail, including unsolicited mass mailings.

Stay safe

Read our quick advice on:


500 Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.

Your 澳门葡京游戏app Timetable.

Personal storage


You have 1TB of storage in your Microsoft OneDrive account and it's a great way to send large, non-confidential files whilst on the go.

Important points to remember:

  • OneDrive is not backed up by 澳门葡京游戏app. If possible, keep another copy elsewhere and avoid storing confidential files.
  • Anything moved to the recycle bin will remain in there for 30 days. Once gone, it cannot be restored.

Access OneDrive by downloading the app or via Office 365. Find more tips on the Microsoft website.

Home Drive

Your Home Drive (H:) is your personal storage space on the 澳门葡京游戏app Network. You can access it via any 澳门葡京游戏app computer and have 500MB of space.

  • 澳门葡京游戏app PC: find your Home Drive in 'My Documents'
  • 澳门葡京游戏app Mac: There is usually a shortcut on your desktop or find the drive labelled with your 澳门葡京游戏app username.
  • Storage is limited - delete any files no longer used. If the limit is reached, you will not be able to access the drive.